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At Unlockme Locksmith we have a strict code of ethics which all our locksmiths stand by. It's the secret to how our business works. Guaranteeing you safe, secure locksmith services ensures that you enjoy a successful business transaction while still getting peace of mind. We do anything from mailbox locks, home lockouts, closet lockouts or locked in, windows & door locks and repairs, gate locks, open & install safes, cabinet locks, change locks, lock repair, rekey, lock extraction, intercom systems, camera surveillance systems, smart & high security locks and more.

residential locksmith services


Unlockme Locksmith provides a 24 hour locksmith service in Los Angeles & surrounding areas. We have an elite team of residential locksmiths who are ready to help you at a moments notice. All of residential service technicians come fully equipped with wide variety of quality locks & door hardware for the home.  


Finding yourself locked out of the house or locked out of the apartment happens from time to time. All it takes is a few seconds of distraction at the wrong time, & it usually happens at the worse time. So what do you do if no one can bring you a spare key or the landlord’s not around? Your best bet is to call a local locksmith. Our mobile locksmiths provide a 24 hour lockout service. Don't make matters worse by breaking a window or wait around for someone to let you back in. Our home locksmiths are lock picking experts & can open your door with ease. From the moment your service request is called in we dispatch a technician closest to your area, helping you get back into your home in under 30 minutes. 

locked out of house
rekey locks


A common misconception amongst our clients, is thinking they need to change locks, when in most cases, they need to change keys. Changing keys simply means rekeying locks. Whats the difference? For one, is the cost. Replacing an existing lock involves purchasing new hardware & the cost of the  labor to install it. This makes sense if your locks actually need be replaced. But what your door locks are new but your house keys are lost or stolen? In this case, its clear that changing locks would be a frivolous expense. Our mobile locksmiths are 24/7. So when your door locks need to be changed or rekeyed, just give us a call We’ll send out one of our local locksmiths to come help you out.

*Unlockme Locksmith Tip: 5 Reasons to Rekey Locks- 1.Keys are lost or stolen 2. Moving into a new house or apartment 3. Going through a separation or divorce 4. A roommate moves out 5. Contractors or servicemen had access to your home.


There are plenty of reasons for changing locks on your house. If you have a broken door lock or broken doorknob, if safe to say that its time to change the lock. A broken door lock isn’t the only reason to change locks. Locks are replaced to accommodate for disabilities. Replacing a door knob for a door lever, allows for a door to be opened easily, by applying light pressure to the lever as oppose to manually having to turn a door knob. As technology advances the need for keys is becoming somewhat of an inconvenience. Traditional locks are quickly being replaced with electronic door locks that no longer require keys to lock or unlock it. Theres always a desire to replace door locks purely for aesthetic reasons. In any circumstance we can change your door locks, no problem. We carry a large variety of new door locks for you to choose from & we also do special orders. 

changing locks
fresh door lock installation


Door Locks play a key role in securing your home. Before purchasing new door locks for your home you should give it some serious thought. With such a large variety of lock types, styles & functions how do you narrow your search? Your could search the web for hours without even coming close to uncovering the all the locks that are out there. When it comes to door locks & the door lock installation on your home the best thing to do is to hire a professional locksmith. There isn’t anyone more qualified to help you choose the best door locks for your home than our house locksmith technicians. 

Our residential locksmiths offer much more than a simple lock installation. With years of experience in door security not only can we install any door lock type, we can provide you with a selection of quality locks & residential door hardware, handpicked, to specifically meet your needs. We also provide fresh lock installation for when you want to install a deadbolt lock for increased security.


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lock repair


Much like every thing else, with age, locks begin to wear. In time, a multitude of issues can arise  where lock repairs will be needed. The latch gets stuck, the key stops working, & even the door won’t close. When you think about how much you use your front door lock its a wonder your locks don’t need to be repaired more often. Unlockme Locksmith provides a 24 hour lock repair services. We’ll over one of our skilled house locksmiths to come repair your house door lock a.s.a.p. Our fleet of locksmith technicians have years of experience in door lock repair services. So whether your door lock is a simple fix or a tricky repair, we have the knowledge to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Repairing a lock can be a daunting task & only a qualified professional should be trusted to repair your lock.

key broken in lock


Surely, the last thing you expect while unlocking a door is to have the key break off in the lock. If your pressed for time & learning how to remove a key broken in lock is the last thing on your agenda, just give us a call over at Unlockme Locksmith. We have mobile locksmiths that are always on the go & we can have one of our home locksmiths at your location in minutes. The technician will arrive, remove the key broken in lock, check the lock for damages & even make you a new set of keys right there on the spot. A key broke in lock can easily be extracted with the proper tools but the wrong tools could just as easily make matters worse. 

door knob repair


If a doorknob seems loose or you have to jiggle the knob to lock it or unlock it, chances are that doorknob needs to be repaired. Door knobs & door handles are constantly being used, especially in areas with high traffic. Over time, the lock hardware starts to disassemble, screws become loose, lock components disengage & other mechanisms can fall out of alignment. Don’t wait around to the point the lock in no longer repairable. As soon as a door knob stops operating properly, give us a call right away. Having one of our residential locksmiths service the door knob early on will prevent any further damage to the door lock or knob & allow for an easy fix. This way we can have your doorknob working like brand new! 


If you are looking for a door repair service in Los Angeles, no one is more fit for the job than our residential service technicians. When you have a door that’s sagging, sticking or creaking, don’t wait around until the problem gets worse. Our door specialists are trained to repair or replace all types of residential doors. From front door repair to interior door repair, our home locksmith technicians have the experience to service & install all residential door types. 

If you need door repair or door frame repair after a break-in, no ones more equipped for the job than Unlockme Locksmith. As home locksmiths, we specialize in door security. We will carryout the necessary door repairs & show you what measures to take to better protect your entire home. 

door repair
keyless door locks


Most residential keyless door locks come with one or more means of entry, which include RFID, keypad, biometric & bluetooth. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) locks use a key fob. The latest keypad locks have touchscreens that require a pin number for entry. Biometric locks use fingerprint identification to gain entry. Bluetooth locks can be enabled using your smartphone. Smart locks are becoming increasingly more popular. You can create & assign multiple virtual keys for others to enable your lock via mobile app. Your smart lock can also be integrated with your smart home system. 


If home security has become an issue than you might want to consider upgrading your door security by installing high security residential locks. Our Residential Locksmiths stay up-to-date with the latest in high security residential lock & key hardware. Unlike the consumer grade locks typically sold at home improvement stores, we carry high security locks from the some of the most trusted names in the locksmith industry. Such brands as Medeco & Mul-T Lock offer pick resistant or pick proof locks. These locks have special patents making them impenetrable. When it comes to lock & key hardware, you truly get what you pay for. The benefits of having residential high security locks far outweigh the costs. We have a wide variety of high security locks & residential hardware for you to choose from.

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mailbox locks


If you lost or misplaced your mailbox key, or your mailbox lock is jammed, the last thing you want to do is pry it open. For one, it’s against the law & its likely you’ll end up damaging the lock. If your mailbox is left unlocked or unsecured the postman won’t deliver your mail. Don’t make matters worse. When you need a mailbox lock replacement just give us a call & we’ll send one of our residential locksmiths over to your location. Anyone of our locksmiths can replace your mailbox lock within minutes. 

*Unlockme Locksmith Tip: If you’re moving into a new house or a new apartment we always advise our clients to rekey the locks on their house along with replacing the mailbox lock. Unless you’re 100% sure that you have all the original keys, its very possible that the previous owner or renter may still have a copy too. 


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sliding glass door lock repair


A sliding glass door should slide with ease. If your sliding door begins to stick, fall off track or no longer locks, chances are you need your sliding glass door repaired. Our residential service technicians are knowledgeable in repairing all sliding door types & sliding door locks. We can easily assess the issues to determine the best course of action needed to repair the sliding glass door or sliding glass door lock.

pocket door locks


You may not be familiar with the term pocket door but theres a good chance you’ve come across them & some point. Pocket doors are the doors that slide on a track & disappear into the wall, which is a perfect solution for a door with no room to swing one way or another. Naturally, over time, pocket doors & pocket door locks get worn out & need to be repaired or replaced. Our house locksmiths can get your pocket doors & pocket door locks working like new.

french door locks


There is no denying that french doors are visually appealing. French doors were crafted with aesthetics in mind, not security. As beautiful as french doors may be,  they are often targeted as an easy entrance for burglars. Nonetheless, securing your doors with the proper french door locks will give you all the peace of mind to enjoy the elegance of your french doors without having to compromise security. 

residential door hardware


Our Residential Locksmiths carry a wide variety of residential door hardware from the most trusted names in the locksmith industry. Unlike consumer grade locks typically sold at home improvement stores, we offer exclusive products & high security locking systems not offered to the general public. When it comes to door security, we know best! We have the skills & the experience to service any type of lock & all residential door hardware, from the most basic to the most advanced. 


Our experienced residential locksmith team service & install variety of home security camera systems for those who reside in & around the Los Angeles area. We can design & install a home security camera system equipped with the latest features available in digital surveillance security technology. We will personally configure your security camera system to ensure the router, DVR & all necessary security camera system configurations are done correctly, helping you achieve the maximum value from your home security camera system. Our home security camera installation services will tailor a security camera system that meets your need & budget, & we’ll get your system up and running quickly. Have peace of mind & comfort knowing your property and your family is secure! 

home security cameras
homes safes


Interested in having a home safe installed? A safe for the home is an effective solution if you want to safeguard hard-to-replace items while keeping them close at hand. Before you consider purchasing a home safe you should be clear on a few things. First, what do you plan on putting in the safe? Compiling the contents you intend to keep inside your home safe will easily help you determine the size of safe you will need. Lastly, where will you be putting the safe? The residential locksmith team at Unlockme Locksmith know all there is to know about safes for the home.


An intercom (short for intercommunication) is an internal telephone system for communicating within a home, building or a small network of buildings. A wireless home intercom system makes it easier than ever to communicate in & around the home. Wireless intercom systems for the home gives homeowners the upper hand in securing their property. Thanks to modern technology, we now have the ability to see, talk & listen to someone in another room, at the front door, or even outside a driveway gate, without ever leaving the comfort of a chair. One of our installers will help you choose the best home intercom system to meet your needs & budget.

home intercoms
home intercoms



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