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New Account Form

To ensure we have the information we need to best serve you, please take a few moments to fill out the form below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.Thank you!. (Please fill out every field )




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Our Corporate/Business Membership Benefits Include:

Top Priority Attention

Fixed Rates- Standardized flat "trip charge” rate for days, nights, weekends & even

Billing- No on-site payment required. All invoices payable within 30 days from
completion of work order

Flexible Payment Solutions- Check & credit card within 30 days of issued invoice
(credit card transactions are subject to a 5% surcharge fee)

Free Estimates- We are experts in providing security breach protection for
commercial properties. We can provide you with a free estimate by sending a tech on
site, over the phone or by email (if possible- pictures may need to be provided)

Warranty- Unlockme Locksmith provides a 90 day warranty on labor. Parts warranty
vary on manufacture.

Employee Benefits Program- All employee’s receive 10% off on all of our
locksmith services. (with a proof of employment)

Have questions? Call us toll free 818-491-3773


On-Site payment will not be required. All service charges & purchased products will
be invoiced to the billing department or authorized personnel.

All invoices are payable NO LATER THAN 30 DAYS from completion of the work

Claims raising from invoices must be made within 5 business days from issuing date.

y submitting this application you authorize Unlockme Locksmith Inc. to make inquiries into
the banking & business trade / references that you have supplied.

If invoice isn’t paid in full within 30 days, a 10% late fee will be added to invoice and the card
on file will be automatically charged. In the event that the card on file is declined, company is
obligated to provide Unlockme Locksmith Inc. an immediate payment. If company fails to do
so, legal action may take place.

90 day warranty is only valid and limited to the work we’ve done. In case of any vandalism or
in case that the hardware or the work we’ve done was tempted with warranty will immediately will be waved and a charge for the service will apply.

Unlockme Locksmith inc. offers a 90 warranty on the labor on new installations and repairs to
existing hardware or equipment. WARRANTY IS VOID if product becomes defective due to
modification, alteration, repairs or serviced by anyone other than Unlockme Locksmith Inc.
physical abuse to, or miss use of the product, or it’s operation in a manner contrary to the instructions.

Warranty on parts varies by manufacture.

Jobs over $10,000 will require a 10% deposit on parts.

By signing this company understands & agrees to the terms above

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