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We are your one stop shop in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, the beaches area and all surrounding areas. Unlockme Locksmith does everything handyman related work from installing and repairing locks, to installing TV’s to repairing or replacing doors to anything you need done in the house, we are the company to call! Why hire us? We give personal service one on one, we give free estimates, same day appointments & scheduled appointments. We stand behind what we do and warranty our work.

Thinking of elevating?! we care about the money you spend. With the right consultation we will offer what’s best for you for the right price. Our work speaks for itself, we leave no trace, it is clean and preprofessional. Call now to schedule (323) 703-5071 / (818) 491-3773.

Thinking of modern or traditional style? You name it, we do it. Our handymen are licensed and experienced. Suffered from a burglary? it is unfortunate, and we’re here to help, we provide a 10% discount to all burglary victims. Live by the beach Santa Monica, Venice beach, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, Palos Verdes, and your doors / windows / roof suffer from weather conditions? We can come and fix it, we also provide an annual rate to maintain your property, this way you’ll be saving money by minimizing the damage to your property.

Repairs & installations

Have kids, pets or maybe you’re just clumsy? Need a repair and can’t fix it yourself, we are the people for you. We offer anything from door and window repair to furniture repair. Doors and locks play a big part in our lives, but are greatly underestimated. We use doors, door screens and door locks daily,they are our main security and the first thing we see when we come home, so why not take care of it?! Having a hard time closing your door, your door screen seems not aligned, problem with the door hinges, or can’t close your window? See a small hole in the window screen, the window screen isn’t fited right, we can take care of that for you. We offer Window screen repair & installation, window frames repair, change window glass . If you want to feel more secure in your own home we install windows locks and high security door locks. Need a gate installed or repaired, no problem, we do all kinds of gate, gate installation, gate repair, gate adjustment and gate locks. If you’re experiencing any of these scenarios when you use the toilet, but the handle flush is broken, or there’s a part missing, the flush is weak, there’s not enough water in the bowl or it gets clogged just give us a call we’ll take care of it for you. If you need to get a new tub, have that shower door fixed, replace the rails we also do that. If you’ve always wanted a patio we can be build one for you, if you already have a patio, but it needs maintenance or repair and you’re sick of looking at it, it is time to do something about it and take care of that wood that looks cracked or rotten, take care of this handrails make sure they’re not loose, take care of your safety and make sure your support posts are strong, call us to have us fix it for you so you can enjoy looking and using your patio.
List of services: Door & Screen Door Repair & installation, hinges repair, window & window screen repair & installation, window locks installation, gate repair and installation, gate lock repair & installation, toilet repair & installation, Ceiling Fan Repair, Countertop Repair, Deck & Patio Repair, Grout Repair, Drywall Repair, Faucet Repair, Gutter Repair, Handrail Repair, shower door replacement, garbage disposal repair, Repair, Patio Repair, Sink & Garbage Disposal Repair, Steps Repair, Toilet Repair, Tile Repair, Windows, Window frames & Window Screen Repair, Garage Door Repair

keys locked in car
keys locked in car


It sounds like an easy job that anyone can do, but how many times have you seen a bad painting job or were you unhappy with the results?! Why go through the stress and effort when you can hire a professional to do it for you?! We can help you. We do crown molding to add that elegant touch & trim painting, deck staining and painting in order to protect from wear and tear. Door painting, painting a door can light up a room, this little change makes a big difference. Since we specialize in doors, it is easy for us to remove the door paint it by hand and put it back.

Laminate & Wood Flooring, tile

Sick or looking at your dirty carpet? Are you ready for a more clean, healthy and modern look and feel to your house? Not only will Laminate, wood or tile floors will give you that, getting rid of your old carpet or renewing your current flooring will be a smart investment since it will increase the value of your house reduce the heat that the carpet absorbs which means less electricity. We cam come for a free consultation and free estimate, call us today to schedule.

keys locked in car
keys locked in car

Assembling furniture

If you bought a new Ikea furniture or any kind of furniture and can’t put it together we’ll be happy to assumable it for you. If you have a TV that you want to have mounted on your wall, we can do that for you and the cables won’t show. If you have work to be done around the house you don’t want to deal with it, let us to that for you like that like a picture you need to hang on the wall, or a piece of furniture that you need fixed we do it all. We assemble: bed frames assembly, futon assembly, furniture assembly, Ikea furniture assembly, shelves assembly, closets assembly, book shelves assembly, entertainment center assembly, storage rack assembly, desk assembly assembly, table assembly assembly, cabinet assembly assembly.

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