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Commercial Locksmith in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley & Surrounding Areas

Unlockme Locksmith offers extensive commercial locksmith services for your office or place of business. We can handle anything from business lockouts to installing a highly integrated access control system for your entire building, hospital, hotel to office. Our experienced technicians exhibit the skills & knowledge to offer you security solutions tailored to your needs.The wide range of locksmith services we provide are specifically designed to increase overall security and safety for your business. We carry the latest in industrial strength lock & key hardware from some of the top names in the locksmith industry.
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• 24/7 fast business lockout services
• Fresh lock installation
• Commercial lock service, repair & installation
• Rekeying commercial locks
• Master rekey system
• High security locks for business
• High security systems & devices
• Mortise cylinder locks-change, rekey& repair
• Office desk & file cabinet locks
• Glass door locks & cylinders
• Biometric locks (fingerprint locks)
• Intercom systems
• Keycard entry systems
• Keypad locks
• Keyless lock systems
• Keycard locks
• Access controls systems
• Door closers
• Panic bars & exit devices
• Safes
• Mailbox Locks
• Sheriff/Marshall evictions
• Storage unit, padlock lockouts

commercial locksmith services


No one offers more comprehensive commercial locksmith services than our certified locksmith team! Unlockme Locksmith has been helping the business owners of Los Angeles secure their properties for years. Our commercial locksmiths work 24 hours a day ready to service commercial door locks, commercial door systems & all commercial door hardware. We can assist you with anything from being locked out of the office to designing an access control system tailored for your building. Our experienced technicians exhibit the skills & knowledge to offer security solutions for any small office, retail store or commercial property. 


We provide 24 hour lock out service for all businesses, office buildings & commercial properties in & around Los Angeles. Chances are if you can lock something in it than you can lock something out of it, including yourself. Business lock outs come in many forms. Even though getting locked out of an office building is the most common, you could find yourself locked out of a filing cabinet, desk drawer, cash register & thats just to name a few. Our technicians are trained to handle all types of lockout situations & they can help you gain entry to just about anything. You never know when you may find yourself in a lockout predicament but at least you can be assured of one thing.“One Call Unlocks It All” with Unlockme Locksmith. 

24 hour lockout service
commercial door locks and hardware


As technology advances so should the security measures for business. Unlockme Locksmith offers the most up-to-date commercial lock & door hardware on the market from top names in the locksmith industry. Did you know we offer locks that are not available to the public? We have a large variety of commercial grade lock-sets including commercial door handles, levers, knobs & deadbolts, access control systems, cctv cameras, intercoms, safes & more…. Even if you need to replace a commercial door, we have you covered! Since Los Angeles is our community too, we do what we can to help keep it safe. So we make sure to carry UL listed locks & ADA Compliant Hardware for commercial buildings .


Many of our business & corporate account members entrust us to be their dedicated locksmith service provider. We rekey door locks, padlocks & design master key systems. The most common reason for rekeying commercial locks is to maintain key control. Key Control refers to various methods for making sure that certain keys are only used by authorized people.*

Naturally, this is a concern for any business owner. For example, if an ex-employee never returned their copy of the key,  is lost. Our commercial locksmiths can rekey all door lock types, whether you have the key or not. 

rekeying commercial locks
master key systems


What is a commercial master key system? For example, a commercial building may have several office spaces with each operating on a different key. A master key system gives you the ability to operate each lock with just a single key. This is far more convenient than carrying around a bunch of keys. Then there’s a grand master key system, which is a key that at operates different master key systems for any number of different buildings. Not only do you have 1 key that opens every door in a single building, it opens every door to multiple building, & it doesn’t stop there. A great grand master key system operates every grand master key system along with every master key system within it. Again, 1 KEY for every lock in multiple buildings across the world. Unlockme Locksmith specializes in all master key systems.

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commercial door closer


Commercial door closers are widely used throughout commercial properties. They come in various types depending on the type of door its installed on, location of the door & how frequently the door is used. Certain door closers have to adhere to standards set in place by the BHMA, ANSI & ADA. All of these factors will determine the Grade that is required for each application. Our commercial locksmith services uphold all local business codes & door standards. 

Commercial door hardware plays a vital role in the security & safety of your business. An unsound door closer is a liability. We repair & install all types of commercial door closers from the top brands in commercial door hardware.

panic bars, exit devices, push bars, alarm exit locks


Panic bars, also referred to as exit devices, push bars & crash bars, are typically used in schools, restaurants, government buildings & other commercial environments where they may experience heavy traffic. Panic bars serve multiple purposes but they’re mainly installed on exit doors as a means to provide safe & easy egress for building occupants in the event of an emergency. They’re also commonly used as alarmed exit devices where they are required to be installed on a fire rated doors. The Life Safety Code (NFPA 101) & the International Building Code (IBC) have requirements pertaining to panic hardware, however, local codes mat be different. Our commercial techs locksmiths, install & repair panic bar & exit hardware of all kind.

mortise locks


What is a mortise lock? A mortise lock is set within a small pocket or mortise that is cut into the edge of the door, as oppose to its counterpart, the cylindrical lock, which is simply  attached to the door’s surface. The mortise lock has a dead bolt integrated into the lock body itself & its construction is made of stronger interior components. Combine these factors & you have one pretty resilient piece of hardware. These locks are truly designed for use & abuse, & they provide a higher degree of security. They also have different variations of function & plenty of design options to choose from. Mortise locks are widely used through commercial buildings because of their superior strength & longitivtiy.


We have a dedicated team of experienced commercial locksmith technicians that serve the businesses of Los Angeles & surrounding areas. When it comes to the security of your business you should never settle for less. Our technicians are experts in commercial door lock installation & they providing high quality service that can’t be matched. We service anything from a simple door knob replacement to a complex door entry system & everything in between. We also offer fresh lock installations on all commercial door types, something not offered by all locksmith companies. We truly are your “one stop commercial locksmith shop”

commercial lock installation
commercial lock repair


In time, locks begin to wear, keys break, & eventually locks become outdated. Through the excessive use of commercial doors & locks, it's only natural that they require service from time to time. While you may not be able to avoid the hassle of having to repair a door lock, you can certainly avoid the hassle of hiring an ill-equipped service technician.  Commercial locks vary from a simple key-in-knob cylinder to a biometric lock. This day an age you need to be just as tech savvy as you are good with your hands. Whether you need a commercial lock repaired or employee credentials programmed, we have you covered from A-Z. We have a well-rounded crew experienced in both commercial door locks along with the latest technologies that are implemented in todays security systems.  We’ve built strong relationships with the business owners of Los Angeles because we’ve proven to be their one source solution for all things related to lock, keys & door security.


Surprisingly, most customers are unaware that we service doors. From the door lock to the door its installed on, no one provides more comprehensive service than our commercial locksmiths. We’re experts in all things involving door security, including commercial door repairs. Oftentimes we get service requests to repair a commercial lock but end up servicing the door instead. Sometimes, all thats required is a few adjustments to the door hinges & suddenly the lock & the door are working like brand new. On the other hand, what was thought to be a minor door repair turns out to be something much more. Our technicians can troubleshoot all commercial door repairs. Only through years of experience are we able to provide the most efficient door repair service.

commercial door repair
storefront doors and locks


Aluminum stile glass storefront doors (single & double) are commonly used throughout  various commercial establishments such as strip malls, restaurants, & office buildings, just to name a few. These type of storefront doors are widely popular because they require very little maintenance & in most cases can easily be retrofitted to meet your needs. Thinking of adding a keyless lock to your storefront door? Let me assure you, with Unlockme Locksmith, you’re in the right hands. From your most basic standalone mechanical lock to the more advanced hardwired electronic locks, we can build you a system that satisfies all of your access control needs & more.

Commercial Locksmith in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley & Surrounding Areas

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file cabinet locks and drawer locks


There is a large variety of lock types used around the office other than door locks. Such as filing cabinet locks & drawer locks. Typically, the locks used on file cabinets & office furniture are either cam locks or disc tumbler locks. These types of locks come in numerous variations & are used for a variety of general & specialty purposes. If the keys to a desk are lost or a cabinet won’t open, just give us call & we would be glad to help you out. Some of these locks are stamped with the manufacturer’s key code on the face of the lock. In this case, we can easily provide you with a new set of keys. But in other cases you may find that replacing the lock  is more cost effective than replacing the key. In any event we got you covered.


commercial high security locks


High security locks are meant to give you extra protection, they are picked proof, vandalism proof, making it impossible to break in. We have a large variety of high security locks, for more information call us at 323-703-5071 or 818-491-3773.

door security hardware


Door security devices are meant to give a burglar a hard time or in case of vandalism, it gives the door extra protection, making it harder to vandalize or gain access in.

commercial glass door locks



access control system installation



commercial security camera installation



commercial garage door repair




Commercial Locksmith Service in Los Angeles & Surrounding Areas